In the world of digital settings

Any event is not only a reason for celebration, but also an opportunity to express yourself. A virtual photo zone, a platform for non-standard photography with elements of augmented reality, decorated to match the theme of the event, has become an effective mean of brand promotion.

One photo - two realities

Do you remember the animated portraits and photographs in Harry Potter? Now it has become a reality, just pointing the smartphone camera at the picture.

A city rising in hand

The creation of large-scale art objects with augmented reality is a spectacular and intriguing event that, combined with digital technologies and their interaction, popularizes contemporary urban art.

Clothes make the man

How to surprise, stick in memory and emphasize your own status in the other person’s eyes? The answer is obvious. An AR business card is an element of business etiquette that acts like a virtual advertisement, providing people with valuable content about you, your business and its key advantages, rapidly closing the distance with the client.

AR social network

An AR mask for Facebook and Instagram is no longer just a fun object for bloggers, but a full-fledged platform for an advertising campaign and an image component of brand communication with users.

Angle of your reflection

Interactive AR-stand is an original tool in the form of a special digital mirror-stand containing captivating virtual content designed to popularize and draw attention to your brand.

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