“Ukrzaliznytsya” is a Ukrainian national transport enterprise whose field of activity is the rail transportation of passengers and goods.

RANOK Publishing House / PLUSPLUS TV channel

RANOK Publishing House is one of the leaders in educational and methodical children’s literature in the publishing market of Ukraine.
PLUSPLUS TV channel is a Ukrainian educational TV channel for families with children of both school and preschool age.


“Herbalife” is a global corporation dedicated to healthy and active lifestyles, providing a wide range of nutrition, weight management and personal care products based on science and research in the field of dietetics and nutrition.

Yagotynske for Children

“Yagotynske for Children” is a unique for Ukraine separately built specialized plant producing milk products for 6+ months babies keeping in mind Ukrainian and international quality standards.


“S&SJ” is a supplier of modern and high-quality equipment for solar electric plants to use electricity for customers’ own needs, providing assistance in its sale at a green tariff.


“Solrayos” is a distributor of high-efficiency solar panels, providing installation, warranty and maintenance services for its devices in order to promote the solar industry and develop renewable energy in Ukraine.


“Infogra” is a Ukrainian internet-marketing agency providing a full cycle of work in the field of graphic design, consumer and corporate brand, product strategy and advertising, development of a marketing concept.


“Shakhtar” is a Ukrainian professional football club.


“PROF FOOD” is a manufacturer of premium quality natural bread products of the best oriental traditions for the whole family, whose main mission is to cultivate the principles of healthy nutrition and culinary values – to be eco-friendly, natural and honest.


“Mivina” is a popular Ukrainian brand that produces delicious and reasonable semifinished products for everyone to save time on cooking.

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