Creating effective AR/VR solutions

Why AR/VR apps?


Expanding your loyal audience

Customers can do virtual product testing and understand its benefits. And the prepared client is already set up to buy.

Creating a WOW effect

AR/VR technologies and gamification help create viral content to be shared by social network users for times to come.

Gaining in sales

Researches show that being able to experience the product benefits in AR/VR before buying increases the likelihood of purchase by 7~10%*.

Saving resources and time

Developing AR apps is several times less expensive than arranging and maintaining huge offline pavilions and show rooms. The ever developing technology allows improving customer experience, displacing offline formats year by year.

*Analytical data is obtained from previous advertising campaigns and may change in time.


How do we achieve the result?

We collect all the necessary information and prepare the app concept
We develop technical specifications and agree on nuances before start working
We develop the project in stages, each one is coordinated directly with you
We bring you the turn-key ready project, help with its launch, advise on promotion.

Our services


AR/VR apps

We develop mobile and desktop apps for your business using augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology.

Web AR

Web AR is a low-cost tool that provides users with AR features through browser. Supports all types of AR content.

Mixed reality

We develop MR apps to create an interactive environment where virtual objects manipulate and interact with real ones.

Mobile apps

We develop iOS and Android mobile apps for startups and ongoing projects eager to discover new marketing platforms.

AR masks for social networks

We create viral and beneficial AR masks and filters for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

2D, 3D modelling

We develop sophisticated graphical objects: 2D/3D heroes for your stories, 3D products and spaces, special effects.
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Where is AR/VR used?

AR/VR technologies are used in various fields: marketing, research, culture and arts, teaching, medicine, construction, game development, and IT.


Product showcase

AR apps help you try on or see things before buying. To do this, you need to install an app on your smartphone and direct the camera at the future position of the product to project it in space using augmented reality.


Accompanying events

We implement entertaining AR projects. Our AR apps help create WOW invitations to events (concerts, interactive quests, parties), arrange fan zones, photo zones, booths and more.


Innovative ads

AR technology enhances the advertising message and distinguishes the ad from competitors. AR tools are used in outdoor, souvenir, indoor advertising, and while creating POS materials.


Presenting new products

VR and AR technologies allow consumers to evaluate the benefits of a product before buying it. A person fully or partially immerses in the environment and visually acquaints with a brand or a new product line.


Creating a WOW effect

Through immersion in virtual or augmented reality, consumers take an active part in the product creation process and get an incredible user experience that leaves nobody indifferent.


Large-scale projects

You can show production volumes, present customers with a service/product at work or the realistic effect at events through virtual tours. These online excursions replace physical presence at sites, saving time for both the company and the consumer.

How much is it to develop an AR/VR app?

Our AR/VR studio develops professional Unity3D and Unreal Engine VR/AR projects of any complexity. 3D videos (360) and games for Oculus Rift, Gear VR, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, Google Cardboard, Archos VR, Fibrum on a turnkey basis on demand. We create augmented reality apps: colouring books, live images, marketing campaigns, games, attractions. The price of developing VR and AR projects is calculated individually and flexibly upon request!
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